Kaip miega pasaulis?

Kaip miega pasaulis?

Sleep is inevitable for all of us, but surprisingly even rest has its differences and traditions in various cultures. The most active holiday season has already started, so let’s have a short cultural tour and check how people are used to sleeping in different parts of the World. Did you know that:


If people feel stress, anxiety and are worried, they put a “Worry doll” under the pillow. These “Worry dolls” are tiny, usually handmade, wooden and wrapped in colorful yarn. In Guatemala, people believe that these small dolls take away all the negative emotions. This way, the next morning will be bright, and all worries will be gone.


During the moments when people are afraid of something or feel the enormous stress, Balinese people calm down their consciousness and mind by taking a deep and sweet sleep. Local people call this ritual “todoet poeles.”


A short afternoon nap may be associated with a cozy and calm corner that is dark enough for a quick and peaceful sleep. However, Japanese people have “inemuri.” That’s how they call the afternoon nap that is usually done in public places: metro, parks, university or at the office desk. 


The tradition of Spanish siesta exists thousands of years, and finally, it became a habitude for most of the Northern countries. Of course, it is followed by the quick midday snack.


Did you know that British people seem to be the biggest fans of sleeping naked? “National Sleep Foundation” found out that even one-third of the population is used to sleep naked!


It seems that domestic animals in beds became a standard that came straight from American people. 3 out of 5 Americans have a pet in their home, and even 71% of them at least sometimes let them sleep together in bed.


6 steps

Six simple steps can improve the quality of your life. No doubt - the quality is highly associated with the hours of sleep and rest. Thus, follow these easy steps, and your everyday life is going to become brighter and brighter.


Silence is sleep’s best friend. However, if external sounds are something you crave for before taking rest, we recommend “Rain” and “Rain Sleep Sound” apps on your phone.


What colors are recommended to be chosen for the bedroom interior? Neutral and muted colors may help you relax and rest. If you feel a deep passion for the bright colors, choose matte paint instead of a glossy one.


This step is as important as other ones. You will feel much better after sleeping in a room that is cool enough. The best temperature for having a rest is between 18-21 degrees.


Melatonin is also known as a hormone of vampires as is being produced only in the dark. That’s why it is highly recommended to avoid bright lightening after 8 pm.


Scientists have proven that scents of vanilla and lavender help to relax, so, if you cannot decide about the appropriate scent for the bedroom, these are the ones to pick. By the way, avoid scented candles in your bedroom - it is not so safe as diffusers or flavored oils.


Freshly washed, soft-to-touch bedding set made from natural fabrics creates the ideal atmosphere not only for the best sleep but also pleasant mornings. Find some creative ideas for the bedding sets here:

P.S. Some additional tricks

  • According to feng shui, it’s crucial to ensure that your bed doesn’t stand in front of the window or doors.
  • Weekends are the best days to check if you have enough sleep during the week. Everything is just great if you manage to wake up at the same time on Sunday morning as you do on working days. With no alarm of course.